Models wanted for Paid Boudoir PhotoShoots

You may have some questions this page may be able to answer some of them.

Length of Shoot?

I like to pay you for half-day shoots (4 hours). But, more expensive models may be booked for just 2 or 3 hours instead. These photoshoots have to turn a profit, and if a Hotel booking is added to the costs it all adds up, at the end of the day it’s depending on how much profit my spreadsheet forecasts when I enter all the details. Shoots themselves rarely last the full term hours but may do if there are many outfit/look changes.

Model Release

I shoot commercially, I will need a model release form completing and signing.

How to fill out the pdf file using Adobe reader dc

Model Use Of Images

As I sell the images, I generally don’t want them available on the internet before I’ve made money from them. So I don’t give out free images. Sometimes, I see my unlicensed pics on Models Instagram etc, and I have to tell them to take down the images. Unlicenced is the keyword, I often let the model see images from the shoot afterwards and give feedback on how I think the shoot went, then if she wants to use any images on her own social media, just ask. It will usually be okay but may have the condition that you have to wait a couple of months while the images are being used commercially before you can use them for free..


No problem at all, they can just sit quietly somewhere.

Specifically this Shoot

This shoot is for my Onlyfans page… It is necessary that any model I use be age verified or have an account with them. Fortunately opening an account is free. You don’t need a creator’s account if you don’t want one, just be registered on their site so that you get a user tag like @U876765777 or @somename.

If your content contains someone other than you, you must tag that person’s OnlyFans account. If they do not have an OnlyFans account, please ask them to make one.

Onlyfans Rule …..

Tagging and Use

Your own onlyfans accounts will be @Tagged in the text of any images of them as they are posted. I have 2 Onlyfans accounts, any nonnude (lingerie for instance) images will be part of the photo reel on Boudoir Photography (free Subscription) which has 1000+ subscribers, and sets of all the images will be posted at Boudoir Photography (M) which is my new subscription page (Currently gaining 15 fans a week). Non-Nude images may also be posted on other platforms depending on my marketing strategy.

Shoot Plan

– Setup and shoot

I like to work with just natural lighting. But will have small led panels in case there is none. So setup won’t take long.


I would prefer your home, but failing that it will be in a city center hotel near to the model.


The minimum for this shoot is tasteful nude. Higher levels will not be asked for by me, but if you are willing to go further, then I’ll leave it up to you to suggest what you are happy to do.


My normal style is romantic rather than exotic. But will depend largely on the model. I typically shoot a short depth of field with the eyes and head in focus and the body drifting out of focus.


In building a brand I want to have a consistent style and mood of Image, so I ask that you aim for the following when choosing outfits.

The Shoot is 4 Hours so please have at least 3, different outfits to choose from, the type of outfits I would like to feature in the shoots are listed below..

  • Babydolls like Here
  • Sets like Here
  • Clasic Costumes (Maid/Nurse etc) are fine for a second shoot.
  • NO Teddies or Rompers please